Adopted Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

The FY2021 Adopted Budget totals $1.64 billion and includes:

  • Operating and Tax revenues totaling $436.3 million.
  • Communication, Accountability, Responsiveness, Empathy, Solut ion (CARES) Act funding of approximately $126 million.
  • Total day-to-day Operating Requirements of $732.8 million, which includes $610.2 million for all activities required to operate the system (including other post-employment benefits) and $122.6 million for Debt Service.
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Requirements of $377.8 million.
  • Pass Through Requirements, FundingExchangePayments and Special Payments totaling $18.7 million, under which TriMet receives funds required to beprovided to other governmental agencies.
  • Contingency is an appropriated amount of a minimum of 3% of operating requirements and is adjusted for risksand those activities unknown at the time of budget adoption. FY2021 contingency totals $39.6 million.
  • Ending Fund Balance totals $471.3 million and is unappropriated and not available for spending in FY2021. Fund balance includes $286.0 million in restricted bond proceeds and other restrictions to be spent after FY2021; $47.5 million restricted for futuredebt service payments; and $137.7 million in unrestricted fund balance, which contains between 2.0 and 2.5 months operating reserves as required by the TriMet Board of Directors.

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