Face covering required on TriMet

Face covering required on TriMet

Updated: 9:29am, Fri. Oct. 2, 2020

To help keep transit safe for riders and employees, face coverings are required on board. More

Surveying Employees

We can help you conduct a survey to find out how your employees are currently getting to work, and which commute options are of interest to them. We’ll even process them, analyze the results and provide a written report—all at no cost.

Note: If your company is subject to the Oregon's ECO (Employee Commute Options) Rule, these surveys are required.

Survey forms

Baseline Employee Commute Method survey: establishes baseline data on how your employees are getting to work.

Follow-Up Employee Commute Method survey: conducted after the first year, then every other year, to measure the success of your transit pass program.

Both of the surveys are just one page long and take only a few minutes to complete.

Contact us to access them online or on paper.

75% response rate required

A response rate of at least 75% will ensure the accuracy of your results (and is required for compliance with the ECO Rule).

TriMet requires at least a 75% response rate for free survey processing and analysis, as well as for participation in the TriMet Universal Pass Program. If your company has over 400 employees, contact us for information on surveying a representative sample of employees.

8 ways to boost your survey response rate

  1. Distribute surveys at staff meetings, and ask that they be completed on the spot.
  2. Include surveys with paychecks.
  3. Have one or more staff members hand-deliver surveys and wait for employees to complete them.
  4. Do not distribute surveys with newsletters or on bulletin boards.
  5. Demonstrate a strong, positive attitude from top management.
  6. Give managers direct responsibility for employees' survey participation.
  7. Follow up with employees who don't complete the survey.
  8. Offer a reward for completing the survey, such as coffee coupons, cookies, etc.