Face covering required on TriMet

Face covering required on TriMet

Updated: 9:29am, Fri. Oct. 2, 2020

To help keep transit safe for riders and employees, face coverings are required on board. More

Fares and Hop Fastpass on LIFT

A list of valid fares and information about the Hop Fastpass on LIFT.

Exchange your ticket for Hop fare

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not currently accepting cash or tickets on board vehicles. If you have any unused tickets you can exchange them for equivalent value on your LIFT Hop card by following the steps in the form below.

Paying Your Fare

Each LIFT ride costs $2.50. Customers must pay a fare or show proof of payment when boarding. Valid fares include:

LIFT Hop card
  • A LIFT personalized Hop card with valid fare loaded
  • Cash fare in exact change (operators cannot give change)
  • One LIFT paper ticket
  • LIFT 1-Month Pass (customer must sign back of pass)
  • A TriMet issued badge
  • Employer-issued ID badges with a universal pass sticker

LIFT does not accept the following as valid payment of fare:

cards not valid Hop card on LIFT
  • Honored Citizen, Adult or Youth Hop cards
  • Adult, Honored Citizen or youth paper Hop tickets
  • Personal checks
  • Non-US currency
  • Electronic credit cards such as Apple Pay or Android Pay
  • Credit cards
  • Personalized universal pass Hop cards (contact LIFT at 503-962-8200 to find out how to convert to a LIFT Hop card)


As of December 31, 2019, TriMet fixed-route buses and trains will no longer be accepting Adult, Honored Citizen or Youth pink foil paper tickets. TriMet LIFT will still accept LIFT pink foil paper tickets until further notice.

Companions/ Personal Care Attendants

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) riding along with a LIFT customer does not pay a fare. Customers may bring along one companion in addition to a PCA, this companion would pay the full $2.50 fare. Companions cannot pay with a Hop card on board LIFT.


Hop Fastpass on LIFT

Hop Fastpass is the new way to pay with LIFT! Once someone is determined eligible for LIFT they will receive their own personalized LIFT Hop card which can be used onboard TriMet buses, trains, and LIFT vehicles. For more information on how using Hop can help you, click on the link below to read through the Hop on LIFT User Guide.

Hop on LIFT

Hop Fastpass for LIFT video playlist