Face covering required on TriMet

Face covering required on TriMet

Updated: 4:00pm, Wed. Sep. 16, 2020

To help keep transit safe for riders and employees, face coverings are required on board. More

LIFT Paratransit

LIFT is our shared-ride service for people who are unable to use regular buses and trains due to a disability or disabling health condition.

Face coverings are required on LIFT

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COVID-19 Updates

Face coverings are now required on LIFT

Face coverings are now required on all public transit vehicles, including LIFT. Scarfs, bandanas and fabric masks are all okay, so long as they cover your nose and mouth.

If you do not have a face covering, your operator will provide one for you and anyone riding with you. Riders will not be transported without a face covering or a medical exemption to the requirement.

If you are not feeling well, have a fever of 100.4° or higher, a cough, suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have a confirmed case of COVID-19, please cancel your upcoming trips.

Read more about the measures we’re taking to ensure the safety and cleanliness on LIFT

LIFT recognizes the increased need for safety with the community we serve. Here's what we're doing to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our vehicles for customers and staff:

  • Passengers to one exclusive group per vehicle. An exclusive group may include up to: the passenger, their Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and another guest known to the rider (like a companion). This is to ensure that LIFT is only carrying passengers who are already in contact with one another.
  • Operators are disinfecting the vehicle after each customer.
  • Operators are required to wear a face covering and gloves. Gloves are changed in between each customer.
  • Hand sanitizer is available on-board every LIFT vehicle starting May 22.
  • Operators have biohazard collection bags for any masks left unattended in the vehicle, as well as disposal of their gloves in between each boarding customer.
  • Supplemental service providers (like taxi cabs) are held to the same standard of safety as TriMet. Because social distancing cannot be accommodated in a taxi, Broadway Cab is installing plexiglass separation barriers in each vehicle. Broadway Cab is also disinfecting vehicles after each customer and requiring drivers to wear face coverings and gloves. Masks will be provided to Broadway Cab to distribute to LIFT riders and their riding companions.

What customers can do to help limit the spread of COVID-19

  • Only travel for essential trips.
  • Avoid travel if you are not feeling well.
  • Bring a face covering or mask with you when you ride and wear it from the time the operator meets you at your door, until you are no longer in contact with other people.
  • When possible, maintain a physical distance of six feet from the operator.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water and avoid touching your face.

If you have questions about how LIFT is handling safety and vehicle cleaning, please contact LIFT customer service at 503-962-8000 option #2.

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